Cooking Classes for Kids & Parents

As we all know kids love to cook and it’s a great way to bring the whole family together. You can search locally for kids cooking classes near you and you should be able to find classes in most larger cities. If you live in a smaller town and you’d like to see what cooking classes are near you (perhaps in a larger near-by city), check out Local Cooking Classes.

Local Cooking Classes has a list of cooking classes that parents and kids can participate in, but they also have a list of culinary schools near you or if you as a parent would like to take on a culinary arts education.

Enjoy and let us know what you think of their list of best cooking classes and top culinary schools. They have some great information on the top places on their social media where you can also find and share your recipes by using SocialBoosting tools to get more views on your recipes videos and get to a bigger audience for your next ones !

They have a list for best fun, recreational cooking classes and a separate list for the best culinary schools if you’d like to get serious about cooking.

MMS and Baking Soda — Reasons Why NOT!

Adam Abraham and Grant Maanum discuss the molecular and chemical consequences of adding baking soda as one is preparing “MMS” to generate the chlorite matrix…

Baking a cake.

Baking a cake.

Would’ve been longer if MIA hadn’t have decided to delete the rest :( This is stupid and pointless.
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Kids Cooking at Island Creek ES

At Island Creek ES, students received a lesson on how to create healthy snacks, such as fruit kabobs.
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